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You have a lot less time to respond to summary judgment motions in federal court than in California state court.

Lawyers accustomed to practicing in Superior Court get a generous amount of time to prepare oppositions to summary judgment or adjudication motions. They’re in for a surprise in federal court. In California state court, a motion for summary judgment or … Continue reading

New 7-HOUR Limit for California Depositions

On January 1, 2013, Assembly Bill 1875 became effective. It adds Code of Civil Procedure § 2025.290, which limits depositions of any person in California state court proceedings to seven hours. Parties can, of course, stipulate or move the Court … Continue reading

Beware of short deadlines in bankruptcy court appeals

A party seeking to appeal a bankruptcy court decision only has ten (10) days to file a Notice of Appeal. The Notice of Appeal must be filed with the clerk of the bankruptcy court, not with the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel … Continue reading

Serving Deposition Subpoenas with Document Requests On Non-parties in Federal Court vs. California state court

In both California state court cases and federal cases, a non-party must be personally served with a subpoena to secure his or her attendance and production of documents at a deposition. In California state cases, you simply personally serve the … Continue reading

Common Mistakes Made By Pro Se Litigants In Appeals

Not understanding the difference between the Notice of Appeal and the opening appellate brief. Not understanding the short deadline to file the Appellant’s Notice Designating the Record on Appeal once they file the Notice of Appeal. Not understanding that critical … Continue reading