Frequently Asked Questions

Q:           What is a freelance lawyer?
A:            I am a licensed attorney who performs discrete legal research and writing projects for other attorneys on a freelance basis. Freelance lawyers are also sometimes called contract attorneys.
Q:            Why did you decide to start your own practice and why freelance work?
A:            Owning my own practice give me flexibility and control over both my time and the type of work I do. I chose to open a freelance attorney business because I truly enjoy legal research and writing and because it allowed me to work while living abroad.
Q:            How can a freelance lawyer help grow my practice with flexibility?
A:            The use of a freelance lawyer allows solos and small firms to grow their businesses without the overhead that comes with hiring associates. For example, a solo may currently have enough work for about 1.25 attorneys. By outsourcing the extra 10 hours of work per week to a freelance lawyer, you can assure enough work for yourself even in lean times.
Q:            Do you only work for clients in particular counties?
A:            No, I work for attorneys all over California and a few from other states. In the age of Skype, instant messaging, email, e-faxing, and teleconferencing, collaborating over long distances has never been easier.
Q:            How will I be charged for your freelance work?
A:            Most of the projects I get from other attorneys are billed at an hourly rate starting at $200. I also accept per diem rates for some things, like court appearances or depositions. However, a rush assignment to draft a brief by the next morning or over the weekend will be charged at a higher rate. My rates are very reasonable for the quality of work provided and my clients have been happy with the results.
Q:            How will I be charged for appellate briefs?
A:            Appellate projects vary greatly in their complexity. I am open to a flat fee arrangement for some appellate briefs. But most appellate briefs require at least 40 hours of work.Q:             Can you also cover depositions and court hearings?
A:             Yes! I can cover hearings and depositions in Northern California and the Bay Area and zoom hearings throughout California.Q:            What do you need from me to start your project?
A:            I prefer to have an oversupply of information. I ask all my clients to provide me with copies of the materials I will need for a project, and not original documents. If you are hiring me, you must be accessible to answer questions and discuss any issues that come up.

Q:             I am a layperson in pro per (or pro se). Can you help me?
A:             Yes, but if you do not have an attorney of record, we would execute a limited representation retainer and you will need to pay an advance deposit covering most of the work.

Q:            Do you use keep detailed time entries?
A:            Yes. I use a desktop timer and provide clients with very descriptive time entries in my invoices.

Q:            Can you provide writing samples?
A:            Yes. Please use the contact form to request writing samples.

Q:            Do you perform conflict checks before working?
A:            Yes. I do conflict checks.

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