Research & Writing

Succinct.  Clear.  Persuasive.

Have a brief due, but can’t devote enough time to it? Maybe you need to attend a deposition this week and need to delegate time-consuming research and writing to someone else.

All you need to do is call me and talk to me about the case. We sign a services agreement, you’ll provide me with the case documents, and then I start working. I’ll keep you updated throughout the project and be available to discuss and strategize. I have subscriptions to Westlaw and other databases, and will never bill you separately for that cost. At the conclusion of each project, you’ll receive a very detailed record of the work done for your client.
Sample projects I have done for other attorneys:

  • demurrers and oppositions
  • responding to ex parte applications
  • discovery motions and requests
  • California civil appellate briefs
  • oppositions to anti-SLAPP motions
  • motions for summary judgment and oppositions
  • petitions to arbitrate
  • motion to disqualify counsel
  • motions in limine and post-trial motions

Contact me to see how I can help you on that next motion, response brief, or any other legal research and writing project.

Or, do you just need a fresh set of eyes to review a motion or brief?
My editing services include revising your brief for better flow, cutting down a brief to page limits, or citation checking.

Contact me to discuss your project.

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