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Plaintiff’s Lawyers Using Freelance Attorneys

Many plaintiffs’ lawyers shy away from or simply aren’t accustomed to using freelance attorneys because ultimate recovery is uncertain. Because freelance attorneys, typically compensated by the hour, must be paid regardless of ultimate recovery, contingency fee lawyers may see only risk. … Continue reading

But a freelance or contract attorney costs more per hour than an associate!

You’ll know when you start to need a full-time associate attorney. You’ll also know what qualifications, experience, and level of writing you need from your associate. But the majority of attorneys are owners/sole practitioners or partners at small firms where … Continue reading

How do you bill out a freelance aka contract attorney? Can it be profitable?

  What you really want to know is, “Can I make a profit by billing out a contract attorney to my client at a higher rate than I am paying the contract attorney?” The answer, basically, is yes. In a … Continue reading

Why hire a freelance aka contract attorney?

Flexibility  When you hire a freelance aka contract attorney, you can pick and choose who you want for each project. Your selection might be based on that attorney’s experience with a particular type of case or issue, or a prior … Continue reading

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