Why hire a freelance aka contract attorney?


When you hire a freelance aka contract attorney, you can pick and choose who you want for each project. Your selection might be based on that attorney’s experience with a particular type of case or issue, or a prior good working relationship. There are no awkward exit interviews if things don’t pan out. When the project ends, so do your mutual obligations.

Free Time
Your practice has grown and you now have more work than you can comfortably handle on your own. Do you sacrifice your weekends, hobbies, or family time? Or is there another way to continue delivering excellent legal services while maintaining your lifestyle? By hiring a freelance attorney, you can focus on the things you want, while confidently representing your clients.

Your clients are accustomed to a high standard of service and work product. By delegating tasks to a professional freelance attorney, your clients can continue the receive the same high quality service, while you can focus on the more pressing aspects of their cases.

With freelance attorneys, there are no insurance premiums, Bar dues, Blackberry bills, or payroll taxes to pay. You also don’t need to answer questions about the partnership track, sick days or vacation time!

You can make a profit by hiring a freelance attorney! Think about it. You can bill out the freelance attorney to your clients at a rate higher than you pay the freelancer, while doing very little work yourself on the project.

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