Is this the most “Californian” of the California Rules of Court?

┬áCalifornia Rule of Court 1.22 mandates the use of recycled paper for court-filed documents! I think I hear Texas laughing. Raise your hand if you knew you were supposed to be purchasing recycled paper in bulk for your law office. I didn’t think so.

Rule 1.22 states:

(a) Use of recycled paper required

Recycled paper, as defined in rule 1.6, must be used for all original papers filed with the trial and appellate courts and for all copies of papers, documents, and exhibits, whether filed with the courts or served on other parties.

(b) Certification

Whenever the use of recycled paper is required by these rules, the attorney, party, or other person filing or serving a document certifies, by the act of filing or service, that the document was produced on paper purchased as recycled.

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